Effortlessly Onboard And Engage

Target messages, in-app guides and content to bring onboard new users, create a point of engagement, announce new features and drive adoption.

Deliver exceptional on-boarding experience

Users don't read lengthy manuals. Guide your users step-by-step to use your product and get maximum utilization out of features.

Easily set-up in-app messages and guides to help users get uttermost value out of your products. Check user analytics and test new ideas continually for improvement.

Announce new product features and drive adoption

Share new feature and product information via email, in-app guides and demonstrate the use within your app to initiate adoption.

Streamline change management

Help your users quickly adopt new software tools, maintain your users’ productivity at optimum levels and cut down the support burden on change teams.

Connect with users at every stage of the product lifecycle

From new product launches to adoption, only Flype delivers the professional grade power you need to engage users at every stage of product lifecycle.

Turn data into actionable insights

Answers your questions about how users engage with your products and services. Scalable. Instant. Simple.

Key Features


Leverage your users' demographic, behavioral and event data - both internal and from third parties - in real time to trigger holistic engagement.


Flype's flexible segmentation can be applied to any in-app guide, or announcement to ensure engagements are contextual.


Send constructive email, push and in-app messages to users within the apps and websites to extend communication.

Delivery Windows

Ensure notifications or messages are sent at the best time frame available to you and your customers.


Acquire data on performance of your messages and effectively use for improvement over time.

Smart Campaigns

Lead the user towards a common goal by sending a series of engagements based on time and behavior.

In-App Experience

Everything your users need, right where they need it! All processes seamlessly integrated towards a comfortable experience, ensuring product success.

Supercharge your product

Let’s talk about how we can help you deliver product success