Solutions to accelerate growth

From Onboarding to Advocacy

Accelerate product adoption

Create a personalized onboarding plan, send targeted announcements, guides, emails, in-app messages to deliver value fast.

Create a great onboarding flow

Users don't read lengthy manuals. Guide your users step-by-step to use your product and get maximum utilization out of features.

Increase product usage

Easily set-up in-app messages and guides to help users get uttermost value out of your products. Check user analytics and test new ideas continually for improvement.

Turn your users into champions

Make things easy for your users, and you’ll get more data. Train your users need right where they need it. Because it’s so seamlessly integrated into your product, the experience feels magical. ​

Provide instant answers, 24/7

Help your users help themselves with smart self-service, contextual recommendation and thus, conveniently cut any support costs.

Deliver where your user are

Hand users relevant answers and information automatically for a quicker, efficient self-service. Contextual information that is applicable.​

Unify and automate answers faster

Capture your user's collective knowledge and expertise as a foundation to build on over time. Use it to respond to user requests effectively.

Accelerate your team's efficiency

Measure and score the popularity and effectiveness of your content to see what needs work, and what you should write next. Ensure that all knowledge is up-to-date and associated with the appropriate subject matter experts

Efficiently communicate

Never miss another chance to connect with your users. Be there across mobile, email, and web to add something meaningful to every conversation.

Push notifications

Get the message across with push notifications on web and mobile that drive engagement, retention, and revenue.

In-app messages

Deliver highly customizable in-app messaging that enables meaningful conversations at the moment of customer need.

App Inbox

Keep users engaged with a dedicated communication channel right inside your app.


Leverage real-time user behaviors to craft personalized emails and never miss another chance to connect with your users.

Understand your users

Understand user behavior, collect valuable user feedback to make informed decisions and take immediate actions.

Ask anything, surveys and polls

Easily create engaging, branded surveys, polls with Flype's intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Use Flype's automation and segmentation to reach right users at the right time.​​

Analyze and act on insights the minute you get them

Listen to your users feedback and act upon it for continuous improvement.