Foundation to drive product success

Effortless, Connected, Proactive, Intelligent



Activate all User Data and behaviors instantly

Leverage all your users’ demographic, behavioral and event data—both internal and from third parties—in real time to trigger personalized engagement.

Unified View of Users Across Platforms

Get a complete picture of every user, including their location, activity, social profiles, and more.

Flexible Data Model

There is no limit on the number of user/event attributes, and attributes can be added dynamically with no schema definition.

Behavioral Segmentation

Powerful Segmentation Made Easy

Filter users by the actions they take, and create live, dynamic segments based on them.

Dynamic, Live Segments

Our rules studio also supports dynamic segmentation, so you can create personalized user segmentations without manual intervention.

Dynamic 1-to-1 Personalized engagement at scale

Flype’s flexible segmentation can be applied to any in-app guide, survey, or announcement to ensure engagements are contextual, and highly-personalized to your users.

Proactive Campaigns

Visual Campaign Builder

Quickly and precisely create seamless, automated campaigns using Flype's intuitive, visual, drag-and-drop studio.

Easy to Use, yet Powerful.

Drive user towards a common goal by sending a personalized series of engagement based on time and behavior.

Automate Intelligence

Automate personalized engagement at scale by including filters, delays and triggers. Activate engagement on any source of user data.

In-App Guides and messaging

Easy to Design

Design highly interactive guides and messages with zero coding using our simple to use Editor.

Deploy efficiently and drive adoption

Announce new features, product changes and provide in-context support to improve overall usability.

Analyze and Act

Easily measure reach and effectiveness of in-app messages and guides to build better products.

Ask Anything, Surveys and Polls

Easy to make and easy to target

Easily create engaging, branded surveys, polls with Flype's intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Use Flype's automation and segmentation to reach right users at the right time.

Easy to take

Make things easy for for your users, and you’ll get more data. Attract more responses and a higher response rate. Reach your users where they are.

Turn data collection into an experience

Built-in reporting and analytics which provide actionable insights. Initiate automated actions based upon user responses.


Always-on, customizable

Designed to achieve higher response rates and talk to the users who matter the most.

Send via in-app, web, email, mobile and more.

With an in-app and omni-channel experience, you hear back from more users to get contextual feedback.

Analyze and Take action

Analyze how the quality of product experience affects customer satisfaction.

Content Studio

Simple, yet powerful content builder

Devised to be content agnostic, so you can build interactive content for your users within minutes

Bring all your trusted content in one place

Bring your existing content to life by importing content from knowledge bases, help desk, Box, One Drive, Google Drive, Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia and other sources with a touch of a button.

Deploy Content Faster and Make data-driven decisions

Create beautiful content experiences. Quickly post and publish content where, when, and how you want to. No IT required.

Omni-channel experience

In-App Experience

Seamlessly integrated tools into your product for a magical experience. Everything your users need, right where they need it.

Modern Web Experience

Simple and easy to use experience for users. Create beautiful portals to compel engagement from users.

Mobile Experience

Flype's native mobile apps allow businesses to put content, announcements right at their user's fingertips.

Email and Push messages

Engage with your users through persistent email and push messages for continuous engagement.

Actionable Analytics

Use insights to build better products.

Capture any user interaction across mobile or web devices to accurately identify any activity within the product.

Understand and re-engage your users

Act upon analytical product insights to arrange one-on-one personalized engagements at scale.

Real-Time Access

Provide users with spontaneous answers to any questions with the help of real-time data.


Connect Flype to tools you already use

Integrate Flype in your workflows with out-of-the-box integrations for user data, content data, behavior data and more to instantly tailor Flype to best serve your product success goals.

Make something magical

Extend the functionality of Flype by using powerful SDKs, to build in countless directions to meet the needs of your business.

Enterprise Grade Platform

Flype is designed to be flexible because no two businesses are exactly alike. Safe, secure and in your control.


Admin console with granular permissions.

Single Sign-on

Eliminate password fatigue by integrating with your identify providers.


Automatically send data from Flype to other systems.

Developer Friendly

Get started quickly with powerful SDKs to extend Flype’s potential.

Import / Export

Bring things into Flype, or take them out, as you need to.

Make it Your Own

Configure flype workflow to match your business needs and more importantly use your own branding.

Supercharge your product

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